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Hotel Designing Trends You Should Be Using

If you are a hotelier, then you would know that the hospitality industry is the most competitive one ever! And keeping up with the constant trends and changes is most important if you want to remain at the top. So here are some designing tips that you should be incorporating into your hotel too!

The multifunctional lobby

Creating and nailing a good first impression is the most important part one needs to achieve in order to attract any client’s eye. And when it comes to the competitive hospitality industry, this is the most important part one needs to be able to confidently tick off from the checklist. And if you do want to be able to do so, the first place you need to start off is with the lobby interior design. Today lobbies are treated much more than a simple booking station. And that is why it is important that you design your lobbies in a way where they aren’t only mere booking stations, but also gathering and chilling out spaces not only for casual purposes but also official purposes as well. So equip your lobby with the best furniture, the perfectly lined out conversational spaces and even some fancy little details as well!

The relaxing bathroom

Unlike in the old days, bathrooms today aren’t really treated as a simple auxiliary room that is a necessity but could be compressed in to small spaces to make much more room for larger bedrooms and halls. But they are designed in a way where they look like more like spa and relaxing rooms. And many guests too expect the hotel to have such bathrooms as well. And so today, these bathrooms are installed with luxury bath tubs with jet massages and complementary bath bombs, waterfall shower heads, his & her sinks, huge fluffy towels and many more complementary goodies.

Working on the surrounding spaces

If you were to consult an interior design Hong Kong, you would know that they have a lot to say about the interior décor in a hotel. And when it comes to the dining spaces as well, today there is much more priority given to create a place that is ideal to not only dine in but to enjoy and relax as well. And so the dining spaces are designed in outdoor spaces with amazing natural backdrops, cool furniture while also giving you the chance of watching your food cook right in front of you!

Eco friendly

Being environmentally friendly is not only a contribution to the earth but also the ideal means of cutting down on cost. And so today installing sky high windows that allows natural lighting to flow in to the place to cut cost on electricity, recycling cans to divide and recycle trash much more effectively, using veggies and products grown from domestic vendors or in-house greenhouse and even touch sensitive faucets, have become some of the most famous trends adopted in many hotels.

Work on adapting some of these to your hotel too, and enjoy the many benefits these are sure to bring! 

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